Changes and Updates for 2019


The new year of 2019 is offering us significant opportunities to take MA-URI and ourselves beyond familiar focuses and approaches … and towards true self-healing, personal transformation and mastery of emotional, mental and spiritual realities. It is in deep sincerity and sacredness that we welcome these opportunities as a way to offer students truly special and magical experiences through their training in MA-URI and its Healing Arts – also in the future!

The New Program will seek to join together Polynesian wisdom traditions with discoveries made in modern times concerning the infinite possibilities we are given access to through the ‘Quantum Field’.  Why? So profound healing and personal transformation may happen ‘through the power of Love and through the power of the Divine!’

Time has come to take our understanding and approaches ‘up a notch or two’ and to expand our perceptions, so we may serve the requirements of this Transition Period that we and the rest of humanity are taking part in and offering our contributions to. Our vision is this: That by creating a Oneness which brings together the wisdom of the Past and the discoveries of the Present, we may serve the Future in new and truly empowering ways!

For an introduction to the aims and purposes of the New Program and a general overview of what the training will be designed to offer, see Newsletter 8 under NEWS for a presentation of this development of MA-URI and its Healing Arts.

The Institute’s Workshop Calendar for 2019 is now ready.
NB! NEXT Kaitinana Training in New Zealand will take place in March 2020 – dates yet to be finalised. This will be the last Kaitinana under the present Training Program.  

Updated presentation of our 2019 Trainer Team

NEWSLETTERS are now available: Newsletter 7  which presents the ‘Two Events that raised Global Awareness’, and Newsletter 8  which provides an overview and ‘Vision for the New Training Program’ for MA-URI Healing Arts.


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