This is a project for the future. The many thoughts and ideas that are going into the creation of this programme are getting us very excited. We would therefore like to share the ongoing process with you. Elements are still appearing and starting to join together for the completion and testing out of this project. We welcome your suggestions, requests and visions. By becoming co-creators, we may discover pathways and principles that can serve the larger reality and the deeper aspirations of so many good people.

Target group:
MA-URI Postgraduates and an ever-widening range of non-MA-URI people who wish to explore esoteric practices special to MA-URI for the purpose of expanding their existence and discover spiritual pathways towards a rise in consciousness and thus towards fulfilment of their destiny.

Aims and Purposes:
To explore new and ever-expanding aspects of Life;
To touch the hearts and lives of others through initiatives that serve a higher purpose; initiatives that stretch our capacity and activate untapped inner resources;
To develop an ever-expanding awareness of the realities of our Heart and Spirit;
To identify what our Destiny is and what it requires of us and offers us.
In order to be able to meet these aims and purposes, we need to be able
To identify and let go of attachments to experiences & emotions of the past; we need
To find the key to letting go of resistance, self-righteousness, selfishness and fear; and
To develop physical, emotional and spiritual immunity and build the strengths of self-reliance.


The Training will consist of 4 Parts, each of a particular number of days (yet to be decided).

Even though the programme consists of a sequence of ‘Parts’, the idea is that participants can choose which Parts they wish to attend, so there is no requirement of starting with Part 1, then go to Part 2 and Part 3 and finish the training with Part 4.  Each Part offers a complete study of particular subjects and daily application of selected principles and approaches. Each Part prepares the participants for an expansion of their focus beyond Self and Ego. Each Part will have a project at the end, designed so participants can contribute in some significant and meaningful way to the community or the World.

Example of content and focus:

Part 1:

Introduction to the history of ‘posture dances’ as practised in indigenous cultures. Their place and significance in MA-URI and how certain posture dances have been developed for the purpose of self-healing, emotional and spiritual empowerment and for the raising of our consciousness.

2. Concepts of SACRED GEOMETRY
MA-URI Dances reveal their foundation in sacred geometry and through daily practice they can be used to create a particular energy flow through the body, hold a particular focus, expand understandings, realise new choices and activate memory codes within our bodies;

Through movement and dance to attune our bodies to the dynamics of the electromagnetic field of our Earth, to our orbital rotation and the movement of the Heavenly bodies through the galaxy. Aligning the macro cross configuration of our body with the micro cross of our cellular structure to activate a higher level of consciousness.

Attuning our body, heart and spirit to the God force within us, we invoke the presence of God within our physical form and ignite a greater alignment between our inner nature, our spiritual nature and the Earth that sustains us. Discovering the gifts of the Earth and how its energies facilitate healing.

The sacred geometry of this dance – its focus and codes for self-empowerment.

This dance as a tool for identifying personal patterns, choices and keys for the expansion of the mind, healing of emotions and liberation of Spirit.

4. The focus of MA-URI PRINCIPLES for Empowerment of Self.
Selecting particular principles for self-empowerment, for mastery of emotional realities and for expansion of mental focuses. Explanations and demonstrations of how to apply the principles in everyday situations.

Raising awareness of personal patterns and identifying personal levels of calibration for the purpose of setting our course for a refinement of our presence here on earth.

Practical exercises and selected focuses to bring MIND, HEART and SPIRIT together in each DANCE. Guided meditations – guided dance sessions

5. Our SPIRITUAL IDENTITY – introduction.
WHAT is it – HOW does it manifest – WHY explore and develop such?

How to nurture our spiritual nature.

How to develop a personal relationship with God, with Spirit/Ancestors/Kaitiaki and thus activate our inner spiritual nature.

Practising SACREDNESS through Prayer, Ritual & Ceremony

Exploring MA-URI concepts and focuses in Prayers – each person to create a CD with their own voice conveying their prayers and blessings.

Practising Acts of Sacredness to enhance our relationship with the Earth and Nature, with Ancestors and Spiritual Beings and with God. Furthermore, to expand our understanding of who and what we are and to recognise the uniqueness of our fellow human beings and our inter-connectedness. Moving freely in and out of the ‘4 Worlds’ of awareness/reality/perception as appropriate to each situation we find ourselves in.

Defining our roles and responsibilities. Making conscious CHOICES to initiate new involvement in local projects, e.g. tree planting, vegetable gardens for every family, taking groups into nature to experience the healing powers of the Earth, going into children’s Wards and to Hospices to empower, bring peace, joy and new light into their situation, etc.

WHEN: This project will be made available when all details have been finalised and tested out.

WHAT TO DO: If anything in this project stirs a calling in you and makes you want to know more about the Programme and the content of its next Parts (2, 3 and 4), then send an email to the Institute’s email address:  institute@ma-uri.org – Att: Katja Fox.  Explain what attracts you to this programme, what your educational and spiritual background is and which country you live in. We can then send you the overview of the next Parts.
Kia Ora!!

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