2019 Team of Trainers                      and Trainer Candidates

2019 is a significant year, indeed! It is a year that offers the Institute and its team of Trainers a unique opportunity to explore new focuses and pathways! It offers us unique opportunities to embrace this year of 2019 as a transition period that’ll take us all beyond what has been and towards that which is yet to be discovered and explored. It is an exciting and deeply meaningful time that we welcome with open minds and hearts – and with an eagerness of spirit!

We pay great tribute to the following Trainers and new Trainer Candidates who will join us and contribute to the creation of the New Program. They have stepped forward, determined to deepen their commitment and ready to empower their Love of MA-URI by putting their Trust, Faith and Courage into the coming development of the training program for MA-URI. They are ready and eager to dive deeper into new layers and aspects of the sacred Knowledge that MA-URI is starting to reveal. The resent Kaitinana training (Jan-Feb. 2019 in NZ) presented us with some fascinating new insight into the principles and methods that’ll shift MA-URI and its Self-Healing Arts into the fast lane and take us towards its future focus and purpose.

Like in previous years, we are blessed with the support and encouragement of the special group of         MA-URI Resource Persons, i.e. ex-trainers who no longer have a focus on running MA-URI workshops and training students. Instead, they are getting involved in MA-URI activities and developments that are now close to their hearts. What characterizes their involvement is that they are putting their passion into fulfilling new roles and responsibilities that are of benefit to students, to their family and the environment of their country.


                         OVERVIEW OF OUR 2019 TEAM


This website represents Lithuanian Trainers associated with the MA-URI Institute This website is kept updated and maintained by members of the Lithuanian MA-URI Association.

Raimonda Mazeikaite

New Trainer Candidates who will be involved in the New Program:

Justina Kuckailienė 
Contact details: justina@ma-urigift.lt
FB: justina.kuckailiene

Raimonda Tomkevicienė


This website represents the Hungarian trainers associated with the MA-URI Institute. The website is kept up to date and maintained by the Hungarian Trainers.

Zsofia Szabo

Reka Gombos

Zoltan  Gyõrfi – on sabbatical leave in 2019

New Trainer Candidate who will be involved in the New Program:

Máté Létai/Stein
mate.letai@gmail.com or matestein@yahoo.com


www.ma-uri.pl and www.ma-uri.info.pl
These websites represent the MA-URI Institute in Poland and Polish Trainers associated with the Institute. The websites are being maintained and held updated by members of the Polish MA-URI Association.

Jolanta Moszczynska
joja.m@interia.pl and jolanta.moszczynska@gmail.com

MAMA MA-URI – Special SIDE BRANCH to the MA-URI Training Program

Helle Hestbjerg – Initiator, Instructor and Project leader of the Mama MA-URI Program 
Friland 22C, 8410 Rønde – Denmark

helle@ma-uri-friland.dk and helle@mama-ma-uri.org
www.mama-ma-uri.org and www.MA-URI-Friland.dk

Jurga Mozūrienė – MA-URI Practitioner and Teacher of Mama MA-URI in Lithuania:





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