The 2019 Team of Trainers                         soon to be presented

     Trainer Team of 2018

The following Trainers have all been licensed by the Institute to teach the Module 1 of the Training Program in MA-URI Healing Arts. At the moment they are all offering this training in Europe – and primarily in their national languages.

All trainers listed here have gone through the Teacher Training Program and are receiving ongoing supervision and coaching by the Institute. Those who are ACTIVE trainers in 2018 have all qualified for a renewal of their Teaching License for 2018. Each of these trainers has sent their students to the Institute for evaluation and advanced training in the higher Modules of the Training Program. All teaching material and workshop timetables for the Module 1 workshops offered by these trainers are supplied and kept updated by the Institute.

The NEW Trainers listed here have gone through the Teacher Training and obtained a Provisional Teaching License to teach the first 3 levels of the Module 1 Program. When they have gained experience in teaching groups of students, they will then be evaluated on their skills and success as trainers. Those who pass will be issued with a full Teaching License.

MA-URI Resource Persons are ex-trainers who no longer have a focus on running MA-URI workshops and training students; consequently, they no longer have a Teaching License. Instead, they are getting involved in MA-URI activities and developments that are now close to their hearts. What characterizes their involvement is that they are putting their passion into fulfilling new roles and responsibilities that are of benefit to students in their country.



At the moment this website is in the care of Helle Hestbjerg.

Helle Hestbjerg – instructor and project leader of the Mama MA-URI Program 
Friland 22C, 8410 Rønde and


Helga Marie Wiersholm – now MA-URI Resource Person


These websites represent the MA-URI Institute in Poland and all Polish Trainers associated with the Institute. The websites are in the care of Justyna Rychlewska-Suska.

Justyna Rychlewska-Suska
64-730 Wielen and

Training Centre ‘4 Winds’ in Wielen, Poland

NEW Trainers in Poland:

Jolanta Moszczynska and

Hanna Swiatkowska

Justyna Solecka-Glodek

Tomasz Glodek

Malgorzata Bocian



This website represents Lithuanian trainers associated with the MA-URI Institute This website is in the care of the Lithuanian trainers.

Raimonda Mazeikaite


This website represents the Hungarian trainers associated with the MA-URI Institute. The website is in the care of Zoltan Gyõrfi.

Zoltan  Gyõrfi

Zsofia Szabo

Zita E. Kurczewski-Tamas

Reka Gombos


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