The Module 1 workshops herald the beginning of a fascinating journey, which over a period of approx. 2-3 years will take students through 3 MODULES of life-changing experiences. It is a journey that is designed to enrich your life and expand your personal FREEDOM. The purpose of MA-URI is to give people a chance to live life fully and in accordance with the calling of their Heart and Spirit. Within the framework of the Training Programme every level and module can be explored as a step or passage into new and ever-expanding realities; into a deeper understanding and realisation of WHO you are and WHAT your purpose in life is.

Each step offers an opportunity to refine and expand your awareness of self and to attune yourself to the world around you. This is done through a combination of DANCE practice, Sacred TOUCH and MA-URI Navigator principles. AND it is done by giving emphasis now to this new requirement for students who wish to enrol in the Training Programme:

Closely connected with the focus on expansion and deepening, the requirement of having good ENGLISH skills has been introduced. We live in a global world and English is one of the most successful communication languages we know of. English allows us to connect beyond national borders and to communicate more fully and much deeper than ever before. In the past too much important knowledge and insight – passed on through lectures and individual coaching – was lost in translation or was only partially understood. Translation workshops have never worked well for MA-URI and they are therefore no longer an option.

Instead, non English-speaking students are encouraged to EXPAND their capacity by doing what it takes to learn sufficient English, so they’ll be able to understand the  teaching, the deeper meaning of principles and practices and be able to follow all instructions.

So, each step along this fascinating pathway of MA-URI is designed to build new strengths, new skills and to activate the wealth of resources students have within them. With an eagerness and passion for expansion on all levels, they can begin to apply and fully enjoy the wide range of their capacity and inner strengths and thus contribute to the World in new and creative ways!


MODULE 1 – European Training:


At the moment the basic training of Module I is offered in Poland, Lithuania and Hungary by Institute Trainers who primarily teach national groups of students in their own country. Consequently, the teaching language of Module 1 is either Polish, Lithuanian or Hungarian. An effort is being made to offer this Module 1 training also to international groups – then with English as the teaching language.

Throughout the Module 1 the main focus is on MOVEMENT and on intensive DANCE training. Students will be introduced to the 4 special MA-URI Dances. These dances are posture dances which use a combination of posture and movement to align energies, activate inner resources, focus intent and expand perceptions. One of the many purposes of this dance training is to facilitate the shift away from habitual patterns of movement determined by cultural and individual patterns and restrictions. Students will learn to develop physical strength, rhythm, fluidity and flexibility within their physical realities. This will be developed through the combination of movement, practiced to the changing rhythms of Polynesian music, and the training in increased awareness, correct placement of the body and new rhythms of breath.

The first stages in self-discipline are developed here. Please be aware that in MA-URI, self-discipline means that YOU become the disciple of your own High Self. So it is not something imposed on you from outside authorities like it is normally understood as! Furthermore, it is here the principles concerned with gaining mastery of your physical realities are introduced and practiced.

Emphasis is put on exploring the many expressions of dynamic interaction between masculine and feminine energies – something that is at the very core of MA-URI. In their powerful interaction lies one of the most important keys to a successful and passionate journey through life. Also here at beginner level this emphasis serves to enhance dynamic personal growth and to provide an ever-expanding experience of self and of MA-URI.

In terms of pre-bodywork training students will be taught the basic MA-URI techniques used later in the Module 2 training to warm up the body for a full bodywork session. One purpose of introducing some of the basic techniques at this early stage is to bring students in contact with their own bodies, so that they may begin to understand, honour and give strength to their bodies. Also, it serves the purpose of making students aware of the sacredness of this work. This is done through the practice of ‘sacred touch’ and the application of long rhythmical strokes of the forearm alternating with the touch of the palm.  Furthermore, it serves the purpose of enabling students to learn progressively and to learn well the correct techniques, the movement patterns and principles which constitute the basis for MA-URI Bodywork.

In the Module I workshops basic MA-URI principles are introduced and applied to every activity as keys to personal empowerment and self-healing. Right from Module 1, basic principles are introduced to address issues relating to the state of students’ physical HEALTH as developed through their food and life-style choices. If we are to develop the ability to master every aspect of our physical reality and wish to fully understand the concept of self-healing, then we need to also take a closer look at what we choose to EAT and drink and how we choose to live our lives. So in this training students will focus on raising their awareness of the nutritional needs of their body and the conditions it requires to self-heal and maintain vibrant health, i.e. physically, mentally and emotionally.

Furthermore, students are encouraged to look deeper within themselves for answers to the fundamen-tal questions, WHO am I, WHAT am I, WHERE do I come from and Where am I going? Guided meditations as well as „dynamic meditations‟ (where you meditate as you move and dance) are used to explore the boundaries of habit, beliefs and expectations. They are used also to help students identify their state of health, happiness and success in life and to allow the person’s inner nature and true strengths and abilities to unfold.


MODULE 2 – European Training:


Until 2013 the Module 2 Training took place in New Zealand where it was held at the very Marae where Hemi’s great-grandmother lies buried (see page on Institute leadership under Hemi Fox), namely at Waikare Marae of Te Kapotai. This has added special spiritual energies to the training and brought students very close to the ancestral connections of MA-URI.

Because of the costs involved in flying to New Zealand and having to be away from family and jobs for a whole month, most students have chosen the alternative option, namely the modified European version of the Module 2 training. This is held as 2 x 2 weeks of training and offered in Poland, Lithuania and Hungary. The teaching language for all Module 2 training is ENGLISH.

The students here concentrate on their emotional development and conscious belief-changing to move towards higher calibration levels, i.e. higher levels of consciousness. The concept is, ‘When we make changes in our beliefs and attitudes, then our reality changes’. Making conscious choices in terms of beliefs and attitudes is the key to personal transformation and instant self-healing. Daily exercises are given in the practical application of MA-URI principles, in particular the principles relating to personal empowerment and the mastery of emotional realities. The basic training in bodywork principles developed for this Module 2 training is designed to build a deeper understanding of the special qualities and effectiveness of MA-URI Healing Arts as a practice in self-transformation and self-empowerment.

Where the Module 2 training in New Zealand related many of its focuses to the realities of the Ocean and gave emphasis to a ‘navigator’ approach to Life, the European Module 2 offers opportunities for students to explore connections with the land and with their European Ancestors and cultural traditions. The focus is shifted to issues like: Where am I at in terms of level of consciousness – what is the main level of calibrations that I function from? Furthermore: HOW to sustain life and raise our awareness of the privilege and responsibilities that go hand in hand as we ‘walk life’; how to manage resources – inner as well as outer – and be conscious of the CHOICES we make.

As part of the ongoing focus on building and maintaining strong personal health, we are going to look more closely into 2 topics, namely:
A) Our body as a self-healing organism that will heal itself, if we give it the right conditions! So, what constitutes the ‘right conditions’ and how do we provide our body with such conditions?!
B) Our body as the ‘temple of our soul’ and the ‘dwelling place of the Divine’. These aspects add a spiritual purpose and dimension to this truly amazing body of ours; it is a topic which gives us good opportunities to explore and expand our perceptions and opportunities to deepen our relationship with our body.

The wisdom and principles embedded within these 2 topics will gradually be put into practice by the students in Module 2 as well as in Module 3.

Through the Module 2 training students are encouraged to expand their emotional and mental range and capacity. To enhance their personal development, students are given a chance to develop a greater understanding of the impact that their national culture and history has on their lives. Amongst many other topics, the training focuses on dealing with the widespread factors of FEAR and old survival patterns. It addresses the effects of restrictions imposed by culture and national history and gives students a chance to clear their pathway of such baggage in order to gain greater personal FREEDOM. The MA-URI Dances and bodywork sessions are dedicated to such work. Extended practice and new, deeper understanding of the MA-URI dances and bodywork approaches are given attention at this level. So, it is a truly intense and FULL workshop students will be involved in.




This Module 3 training is held in Aotearoa-New Zealand and it is of a month’s duration. So this is the module where students get a chance to fully benefit from the special privilege of being welcomed into the very heart of Maori culture and spirituality, the Maori Marae. And this is where they are given opportunities to discover the healing power and nurturing beauty of  New Zealand’s Native Bush.

In this last Module of their training, students start to deal with deep traumatic experiences and address certain spiritual issues. To be able to deal successfully with such ‘burdens of the past’ , the training now brings in Kaitinana principles for advanced MA-URI Bodywork practices. This is the part of the training where we move beyond technique to focus fully on principles and self-healing practices. This is where students explore their own self-healing powers and begin to understand the keys to self-healing. This is where creativity, adaptability and resourcefulness become very important and necessary assets to develop alongside of a profound connectedness and empathy with others.

An introduction to the spiritual focuses in MA-URI is provided quite powerfully and significantly by the environment of the Bay of Islands area: Karetu and Waikare. Waikare Marae with its valley and surrounding mountains, its river and trees offer rich opportunities for us to include Nature and Maori Culture as very active ‘Teachers’ during this training. Furthermore, with the Marae placed right in-between the urupa (c: cemetary) and the kohangareo (c:’language nest’ and kindergarten) this allows us to be constantly connected with the Spiritual Source of MA-URI and with both CHILD energies and ANCESTRAL energies so important in this work of MA-URI.

Part of this Kaitinana Training is to experience Maori ancestral beliefs in practice and to develop the knowledge and deeper understanding of Polynesian Navigator approaches in MA-URI bodywork, in training methods and in self-healing practices. Further training is offered for the purpose of expanding students’ own spiritual abilities; of connecting with their own ancestors or spiritual guides and connecting with Maori song/’waiata’ tradition. Finally, students will experience the healing power of combining prayers and blessing ceremonies with special bodywork sessions.

Graduation Assignment: Every evening the students will be working on their KOROWAI, the ceremonial cloak and its ‘creation myth’. Creating this Korowai constitutes one of the students’ graduation tests. This Korowai will reflect the student’s depth of understanding and where they are at in terms of their training. It will reflect their ability to connect with Polynesian mythology and important concepts special to MA-URI. Furthermore, it will portray in symbolic form the students’ spiritual relationship to MA-URI, the Earth, their Ancestors and to God.



Like every relationship in life deserves to be nurtured, refined and empowered by new energies, by deeper commitments and greater understanding, so it is with the relationship between graduates and MA-URI. What defines us as MA-URI practitioners and trainers is our ability to apply the principles of MA-URI, not just during workshops, but at all times and to every situation we find ourselves in.  Only so can we achieve the self-empowerment, self-healing and mastery of realities that MA-URI has as its finest purpose.

Therefore, all graduates are offered Renewal Workshops to celebrate, renew and refine their relationship with MA-URI. In these workshops they get a chance to update their training and skills in applying the principles to every aspect of life and get new inspiration to empower and energize their personal and professional lives. Those who have obtained a professional Practice License at the end of their Kaitinana Training can here be evaluated for a renewal of their Practice License. This license is valid for periods of 4 years and to have it renewed, participation in a Renewal Workshop will be required. Another option is to enrol in the next Kaitinana training to nurture and empower their spiritual identity and explore the latest discovered approaches to SELF-HEALING.  These options have been introduced to benefit all graduates and give them a chance to take part in an ever-ongoing process of refinement and deepening; a process where skills and consciousness can be raised to new levels – for the inspiration and good of ALL.

Kia Ora!

2015 MA-URI Institute – Centre for MA-URI Healing Arts, Denmark and New Zealand. All rights reserved.

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